Services Overview

At Crystal Clear Hearing and Audiology we know how important it is to finding a hearing solution that fits your unique lifestyle. We pride ourselves on getting to know you in order to better understand your individual needs.


Testing and Diagnostics

We offer FREE hearing tests and screenings to the community, using the latest in audiological equipment. We test your ability to hear different frequencies, as well as your ability to hear and understand speech. This information, along with your communication history, allows us to provide the best possible recommendations.


Hearing Aid Fitting

Using the latest technology from major brands, we provide high-quality hearing instruments at affordable prices. Using the results of your hearing test, we help you select the right hearing devices for your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. We fit both custom and non-custom hearing aids, and are sure to have something for you!



Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) is an audiological and neurological condition experienced by nearly 50 million Americans. It’s when you have the perception of sound when there isn’t actually any sound present. Even though there isn’t a cure for tinnitus, we can help find a solution to relieve the symptoms of it.


Hearing Aid Repair

We can repair and service most hearing aid makes and models at Crystal Clear Hearing and Audiology. We’ll use not only our tools but our expertise to get your hearing aids back to you, and in turn, get yourself back to better hearing. Often we can repair the instrument in our offices at no charge to our patients.


Bluetooth & Media Streaming

Hearing aids today can do so much more than just amplify. They have evolved into a "wearable" technology device. They are even beginning to receive rave reviews in technology publications, and Starkey's latest Livio AI (artificial intelligence) is a recent example. Most digital hearing aids today allow you to pair your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or media device with your hearing instruments. Hearing aid users who are also smartphone users can:

  1. Answer calls without reaching for their phone.
  2. Hear phone calls in both ears.
  3. Stream any audio media, such as Youtube or music, into both ears.
  4. Control their hearing aids with an app on their phone, which offers flexibility and features never seen before in hearing aids.

Some of these features are: "find my hearing aid" including a road map that leads you to where the hearing aid is located; the ability to create custom memory settings that can then be "geo-tagged" so that your hearing aids automatically switch to your preferred setting when you return to that location (church, school, home, etc.); and, your phone can even be used as a remote microphone that streams to your hearing aids, an extremely useful feature at a conference table or in a small group setting. Media streaming has allowed for television to stream to your hearing aids for several years, and the technology keeps on advancing.

Now, imagine hearing aids that can measure heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, activity levels, give you health and activity scores, and offer two-way, real-time language translation in 27 languages in conjunction with your smartphone. This isn't science fiction, this is available today in Starkey's Livio AI.

Contact us at Crystal Clear Hearing and Audiology about wireless connectivity and your hearing needs today!


Rechargeable Aids

Rechargeable hearing aid batteries have been available for several years. Now manufacturers have taken rechargeable to a new level, with aids that do not have a battery door and simply recharge an internal lithium ion battery by setting the aid on a magnetic charging station. These aids are not only smaller than previous versions of rechargeable hearing aids, they can last from 24 to 30 hours on a single charge. In the near future, we expect to be able to order custom instruments that are rechargeable, also.